How to sell and buy Second-hand Site “Mercari” in Japan : English Perfect Shopping Guide


Hello, this is Yoji!
Do foreigners living in Japan know “Mercari”?  “Mercari” is a famous app that everyone in Japan has used to buy and sell second-hand goods.  You can sell disused items in the app or buy items that someone is selling. This app is only available in Japanese, but you can buy and sell anything such as smartphones, clothes, and home appliances, and once you learn how to buy and sell, you can easily use it after that, so be sure to master how to use it. Please read this topic. 

If you enter this code, “DVACCT” your “Mercari” account will be charged 500 yen, so please be sure to enter it when you register to use Mercari.

How to register

Download the “Mercari” app

 Search for “メルカリ” in the App store or Google play.  You can download it for free.

Tap the “さあ、はじめよう!” Button
Select the account you want to register
Input invitation cord “DVACCT” and according to the item
Send confirmation SMS of phone number
Enter the authentication number
Registration completed


Mercari, Inc.


If you enter this code, “DVACCT” your “Mercari” account will be charged 500 yen, so please be sure to enter it when you register to use Mercari.

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How to register various information

To buy products at Mercari, you need to register your shipping address in advance. Also, let’s register the payment method for purchasing the product.

Shipping address

Open the app and select My Page
Select “Personal information settings” (個人情報設定 / こじんじょうほうせってい)
 Select “Shipping address / Delivery address” (発送元・お届け先住所 / はっそうもと・おとどけさきじゅうしょ)
Select “+ Register new address”(新しい住所を登録)
Enter the required items according to the items
Tap “Register” to complete

Payment method

Open the app and select “メルペイ”
Select “Identity verification”(本人確認 / ほんにんかくにん)
Select “Start setting”(設定をはじめる)
Select “Residence Card”(在留カード)
Tap “Agree and Next”(同意して次へ)
Photograph the surface(表面) and back(裏面) of the residence card
Check the captured images on the back and front
Tap “Start shooting with in-camera”

Take a picture of your residence card and your face at the same time with the in-camera

Select “Bank account registration”
Tap “Next”
Select a payee bank account
Tap “Agree and Next”
Enter account information according to the items
Complete the operation on the operation screen of the bank and complete the registration!

How to find and buy items

There are three main ways to search for items, but here I will explain how to use the simplest “search window”.  In addition, there are four ways to purchase items, so I will explain them as well.

Open the app and enter characters in Japanese in the search window
Set detailed conditions

・Enter the desired conditions such as product price, condition, and color.

Check the detailed item information

・If there is an item you are interested in, please check the detailed information of the item.
・If you do not know the status from the information provided, you can ask the seller a question.


・If you have no questions about the item, proceed with the purchase procedure.
・Select a payment method. There are four payment methods: bank account debit, credit card payment, convenience store payment, and point payment. For details, see the next section.

Wait for the arrival of the item
Receive the item & evaluate the seller

・Confirm that the item is the same as the listing information.
・If the item is broken or the item is different from the listing information, send a message to the seller and solve the problem.
・Confirm that you have received the item without any problem and evaluate the seller.  If there is no particular problem, give a “good” evaluation.

How to sell

Tap the “出品” button
Register the image of the product you want to sell

●Take a photo or select an image stored in your smartphone’s album.
●After selecting an image, the selected image will be reflected on the listing creation page.

Enter according to the item

●For category selection, AI will display recommended categories based on the registered images.
●Please select an appropriate category.

Select product status
Select whether the seller will pay the shipping fee or the buyer will pay the shipping fee

It is recommended to select “送料込み (出品者負担)”. This is because buyers are reluctant to pay for shipping.

Select a shipping method

●”Non-standard-size mail / 定型外郵便(ていけいがい ゆうびん)” … Products smaller than books
●”Easy Mercari mail / らくらくメルカリ便” … Products larger than books

In addition, you need to register your address before listing. If you have already set your address, proceed to Step 8.

Register your address

Let’s complete this procedure before listing.

Enter the product title to be displayed on the product page and the detailed description of the product in Japanese.

●If you don’t understand Japanese, you should use Google Translate.
●Also, when entering the product details, you may add “I am a foreigner, so I cannot speak Japanese fluently / 私は外国人なので日本語があまり話せません”.

Set selling price

●The minimum set amount is 300 yen. Items under 300 yen cannot be sold. You are free to set the amount you think will sell.
●As a commission, 10% of the sales amount will be deducted from the sales amount. In addition, if you select “shipping included” as the shipping cost in step 5, the shipping cost required for shipping will also be deducted from the sales amount.

Listing completed

When this screen is displayed, the listing is complete.

Check the listing status

●When the listing is completed, you can check the listing status on My Page.
●The number of times the product page was viewed and the likes! You can check the number of times you have pressed.

Prepare for shipping

When a product is sold, you will be notified on the “to-do list”. Let’s check the details.

Set the location to ship the item

●Sold items can be shipped from convenience stores (Seven-Eleven or Family-Mart).
●In this article, we will explain as if you have selected “Easy Mercari”.
●Specify the size of the package to create the QR code and create the QR code.

Go to Family-Mart and tap the “Ship Luggage / 荷物を発送する” button from the Fami-port screen

●Have the Fami-port read the QR code displayed on the smartphone with the barcode reader.
●When shipping books etc. by non-standard-size mail, put the item in an envelope, write the purchaser’s address, and ship it from the post office.

A reception slip (paper like a receipt comes out of the machine) is output
Go to the cash register with the reception slip

●Give the store staff the product and the reception slip.
The staff will give you another piece of paper and paste it into the box containing the item.
●After handing over the item to the staff and completing the procedure, tap “I have shipped the item, so I will notify you of the shipment / 商品を発送したので、発送通知をする”.

Wait for the item to reach the buyer

No matter where you ship it in Japan, it will arrive in about 2-3 days.

Evaluate the buyer

When the item arrives at the buyer, you will be notified on the “to-do list” to rate the buyer.


●The transaction is complete when both the buyer and seller have evaluated.
●The sales amount is reflected on the top page. You can use this proceeds to shop at Mercari or transfer it to your bank account.

Prohibited items

Opened supplements and foods

It is not uncommon to take supplements to maintain good health.  But I stopped drinking on the way and I have a lot of supplements in stock …  In that case, you will want to sell it at Mercari, but it is prohibited to sell supplements and health foods that have been opened and whose contents are not individually wrapped because safety cannot be guaranteed.

Also, even if the product is new and unopened, selling supplements and medicines may violate Japanese law, so you must be very careful when listing.  If an ingredient that corresponds to a drug is included, it cannot be listed, and the effects and effects of the drug such as constipation relief and anti-aging cannot be written. It must be included as an image.  Also, overseas parallel imports are prohibited from listing.

Used school uniforms and gym clothes

Maybe the school uniform your child was using is still in the closet.  You might wonder if you could sell it at Mercari, but school uniforms are banned.  Even if it has been cleaned, it cannot be listed.  The reason is that uniforms can be used for crimes.  You may be able to sneak into school with that uniform and it could lead to crime.  In addition, used gym clothes and swimwear are also prohibited from listing.

Commemorative coin

Mercari had a problem with cash being put up for sale.  An exhibitor who sells a 10,000 yen note for 10,000 yen or more has appeared.  Due to restrictions on this, it is no longer possible to list in any of the domestic currencies currently in circulation.  Commemorative coins can be collector’s items, and it is thought that they are different from the coins in circulation, but they are no exception.  Commemorative coins are not exhibited.

Gift certificates and gift certificates

Even if someone gives you a gift certificate or gift certificate, if there is no store near you that can use the gift certificate, there is also the idea that it is better to exchange it for money.  Since it is handled at the ticket shop, I think that it may be possible to sell it at Mercari, but it is prohibited to sell.  The reason is that it is judged to be treated as money.

Cosmetics that have expired

The expiration date of cosmetics has a rule indicating the expiration date for those that change in quality within 3 years.  Some products have an expiration date specified.  However, in many cases, the expiration date is not written, so in that case you can think that the quality is stable for 3 years.  However, this means that it is 3 years in the unopened state, so the expiration date will change once it is opened.  It is said that it is desirable to use up about one year after opening, so it is necessary to consider the time of opening when listing.

[You can get cashback when you shop] How do I start PayPay?

Transfer sales to a bank account

Mercari sales can be used for shopping at Mercari or transferred to your bank account. Here, I will explain the procedure for transferring sales to a bank account.

Tap your balance and scroll down the screen
Tap the transfer application
Enter your passcode
Confirm the bank account of the transfer destination
Enter the amount of the balance to be transferred to the bank account

●If you want to confirm the transfer date, display “Confirm transfer date” and confirm.

●As a transfer fee, you have to pay Mercari 200 yen per transfer.

How to make an electronic payment at a convenience store

The proceeds from the disused items sold at Mercari will be charged to the wallet on Mercari. The charged money can be used as electronic money to pay for shopping at convenience stores.

Launch the Mercari app
Tap メルペイ
Select bar code payment on the cash register operation screen
This is a 7-Eleven cash register
Have the staff at the cash register scan the barcode displayed on your smartphone

Reasons for the popularity of Mercari

  • 80 million downloads
  • Satisfaction ranking 1st place 84.2%
  • Cumulative number of transactions 500 million
  • Reasons to use Mercari
    ① Selling unneeded items
    ② Easy to list
    ③ Many users

Comparison with Jimoty

Listing feeNumber of users (monthly)Number of items to be exhibitedDelivery
Mercari10% of product price20 million peoplemanyYes
Jimotyfree10 million peoplefewbasically handed over



Mercari is an application that allows you to trade with confidence. If you enter this referral code “DVACCT” at the time of new registration, you will receive a charge of 500 yen that can be used in Mercari, so please enter it before shopping at a good price. Also, I want foreigners living in Japan to live in the same way as Japanese people, so please share this article with your friends.

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Hi . Thankyou so much its very usefull to me. & i try buy something i can’t buy

(I was unable to make a payment because I have reached the daily and monthly payment limit of the error relief payment setting. Please try again after increasing your payment limit. * You can change it from “Mercari Settings” in the Mercari app.)

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