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All new PCs are expensive, and most of them cost more than 100,000 yen, but recently, used PCs with high performance and good condition that can still be used are popular. For such people, in this article

  • Want to know the points to note when purchasing a used PC in Japan.
  • Please tell us what kind of store you should buy a used computer, how to choose it, and recommendations.
  • What about used PCs?  What is reputation?

I tried to summarize the question.

Even if you are purchasing a used computer for the first time, you will be able to select a shop based on the precautions just by looking at the article. For beginners, I recommend checking the real thing before purchasing, or purchasing from a well-known and reliable website.

It is recommended to purchase a used computer at a specialty store

Many people think of  second-hand stores or online auctions when they want to buy a second-hand computer at a low price.  However, it is not recommended to buy a computer at a second-hand stores or online auctions.  This is because even if it looks reasonable at first glance, there are many cases in Japan where PCs with malicious software or pirated operating systems are sold. 

Even when purchasing at a store, the staff other than the specialty store may not have sufficient knowledge about the computer, and the warranty of the computer and the support after purchase may be insufficient.  So, if possible, see the real thing at the stores introduced below and buy it.  If you can’t check the real thing by going the store, you can rest assured that you can buy it at the online shop of the specialty store I introduced.

Stores where you can check the real thing and purchase

BicCamera Outlet Ikebukuro East Exit /
ビックカメラ アウトレット 池袋駅東口店(いけぶくろえき ひがしぐちてん)


BicCamera Outlet Ikebukuro East Exit is a second-hand computer specialty store located a 5-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station, which is easily accessible from Saitama. Used PCs are on display on the 2nd floor of the building, and you can always check and select more than 200 used PCs.  Outlet products for TVs and home appliances are on display on other floors, so you can buy them reasonable than other stores.

Sofmap Omiya store /


The Sofmap Omiya store is a 1-minute walk from Omiya station, very close to the station. The feature of Sofmap Omiya store is that it handles a lot of gaming PCs in addition to normal PCs.  In addition, more than 150 used PCs are on display.

Sofmap AKIBA 5th store Used digital building /
ソフマップAKIBA 5号店(ごごうてん)中古(ちゅうこ)デジタル館(かん)


Sofmap AKIBA No. 5 is a popular used computer specialty store in Akihabara.  In addition to personal computers, they also handle smartphones, etc., and buy them.  More than 500 actual used PCs are on display.

BicCamera and Sofmap are ranked from S to E according to the degree of used products.

Dospara Akihabara Head office /

Dospara Omiya store /

  • Address
    埼玉県さいたま市大宮区宮町2-65 和久津ビル1F
  • Business hours
    11:30am – 8pm
  • Website

Online store

The online shop “Recolle!” / リコレ is a website operated by Sofmap, a famous computer shop in Japan. At the online shop ” Recolle! “, You can buy a good computer with confidence anywhere in Japan. The shipping fee is a flat rate of 550 yen, and you can choose from a variety of payment methods such as credit card, “Amazon pay”, “Paypay”, and convenience store transfer.
Introducing the order of buying at ” Recolle! “

Launch Chrome
Translate webpage
choose category “computer” and tap Narrow down button
Sort price and choose Used product rank

Choose other conditions
If you find a product that looks good, check the condition of the product on the details page

If you press the order button, it will be delivered to the address registered in Amazon.

How to choose


The CPU is also called the brain of a personal computer, and various calculations and processes are performed by the CPU.  The higher the CPU performance, the faster your computer will operate.
The most commonly used CPUs are:

  • Core i7… High performance.  The price is also high.
  • Core i5 … Medium performance.  A type with a good balance between price and performance.
  • Core i3… The price is cheap.  Performance is inferior to Core i5.
  • Pentium / Celeron … Used for inexpensive personal computers.

The Core i7 has very good performance, but it’s expensive.  So, if you can afford it, choose Core i7, and if you can’t afford it but want a computer with higher performance, choose Core i5.


Storage is a part that temporarily stores the data to be used, and the amount of data stored is expressed in units of “GB”.
If you can save a lot of data, you can work efficiently and the operation of your computer will be stable. If the memory capacity is insufficient, the operation of the personal computer tends to become unstable. 4GB or 8GB is fine.

Screen size

The size of the computer screen is an important factor related to workability.  If the screen is small (11 inches or less), it is easy to carry, but the range that can be displayed at one time is narrowed, and you may have to scroll many times.  On the contrary, if the screen is too big (15 inches or more), it is difficult to carry and tends to be heavy.
A size of about 11~13 inches is just right for easy portability and high workability.

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This time is over. I hope this article will help foreigners living in Japan to buy used PCs that are reasonable and safe.

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