Introducing myself and Why I started blogging

Hello, this is Yoji. I haven’t introduced myself on the blog yet, so I’ll briefly tell you about myself and why I started this blog on this topic.

Self introduction

The name is Yohji.  Expressed in Japanese, it is 鷹司(ようじ). I was born in Hiroshima prefecture and now lives in Tokyo with a dog.

I’m working as a salesperson at Japan’s largest advertising agency “Dentsu”.  I’m hardworking and works until late at night but I am happy to be surrounded by a lot of great colleague. 
However, I don’t really like working so I’m always hoping that the weekend will come soon lol.

On weekends, I usually sleep until noon and finally start activities in the afternoon.  It’s sloppy lol

Now, let me tell you why I started blogging like this.

Reason for starting blogging

I made a Filipino friend

I have never lived outside of Japan and was not very interested in foreign countries.  However, I was spending my time thinking that I wanted to be able to speak English. At that time, when I met a Filipino on the language exchange app, my sloppy life changed.

Know the difficulty of foreign workers living in Japan

After making a Filipino friend, I became curious about how foreigners living in Japan are living, and started to investigate.  I think they’re living the same life as a Japanese …

It seemed that some foreigners living in Japan lived the same way as Japanese people, but many foreigners did not.  Some foreigners didn’t like Japan.  Some foreigners were bullied by Japanese people. 
I was very shocked.

What are you working in Japan for?

So why do you work in Japan with pain? I think it’s for their happiness and for their family.  I want my family to be happy, and I want to be happy every day.

What about the facts

So what about the reality?
In fact, it seems that many companies “use” foreign workers as an employment adjustment function.

When companies are busy with work, they work a lot. But when companies run out of work, they first dismiss foreigners. I learned from the news that some foreigners leave the workplace to escape without a place to consult to when in trouble.

I thought I had to change something for them.

Is there anything useful?

There is very little I can do alone, so I thought it was very important to have friends.  The power of one person is small, but there are many things that can be solved by sharing wisdom together.

Therefore, I have created an online community where foreigners working in Japan can consult, exchange information, and share their wisdom.  It can be used with iPhone and Android apps.  Basically Japanese and English are available, but it’s also have country-specific channels so you can use it in other languages ​​as well.

Currently, the number of people using the online community is still small, but every time you consult or exchange information, the number of people who will be saved will increase, so if there are foreigners in need around you, please mention this online community.  I want you to tell your friends.  Of course, you can use it for free.

I want you to spend your precious time to be happy without spending your precious time on troubles and worries in Japan.

Origin of the blog name “use Japan”

I named it with the expectation that you are not used by Japan or Japanese people, but that you work in Japan and that you can make good use of it.

I hope I can contribute as much as possible to the happiness of you and your family.


Have you ever seen the movie “The pursuit of happyness”?  This is a movie starring Will Smith.
A scene from the movie quotes a sentence from the United States Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with inherent and [certain] inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness:”

 "The pursuit of happiness"

Tell your friends about this blog and the online community. 
I hope there is something useful for you living in Japan.

Introduction and usage of the online community “useJapan”


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