[For foreigners working in Japan] Three points to pass the screening when renting a house in Japan


Hello.  This is Yohji. This quite sudden,  foreigners living in Japan!  Have you ever had a hard time deciding on a house because the examination failed when you rented a house?  My foreign friends around me wanted to move to a house near my workplace, but they were having a hard time finding a house to lend to a foreigner.
So, in this topic, I will tell you three points to make it easier to pass the tenant screening.

What is a tenant screening?

There are several screening items such as whether you can pay the rent or guarantee your identity, but this topic will tell you three important points for foreigners to pass the tenant screening.

How to lower the moving fee in Japan with a little effort

Screening 1

The first point is whether you can communicate in Japanese.  There are no clear criteria such as whether you have a Japanese qualification, but it seems that many owners say that there is no problem if they can have daily conversation.  If daily conversation is difficult, ask a real estate agent if you can handle it with a translation app. Just speaking Japanese will more than double the number of properties you can choose from.

Procedures required when moving in Japan

Screening 2

You can follow the rules and manners of living in JapanThe second point is whether you can follow the rules.In particular, the owner is worried about how to dispose of garbage, living with a large number of people without permission, and polluting the room.

Screening 3

Do not choose a property that cannot be rented without a guarantor. This is a system unique to Japan, and there is a system called “joint guarantor system” when making a rental contract.  This refers to a person who is obliged to reimburse or pay on behalf of the borrower (you) if the borrower (you) damages the property or cannot pay the rent. However, the conditions for a guarantor are strict for foreigners, such as “a person who has permanent residence or Japanese nationality”.  This is a high barrier for foreigners to rent a house in Japan.

So what should foreigners do if they can’t find a guarantor?

Use a Rent guarantee company

For foreigners who do not have a guarantor, you can also use a rent guarantee company.
(Global Trust Network)


In addition, if you are a foreigner who has searched for a house in Japan, you may know that “SUUMO” does not require a guarantor (= use a rent guarantee company). You can do it.

Access to SUUMO
Click the detailed condition button
Check the detailed condition button to start the search

To use a rent guarantee company, the fee is about 50% to 75% of the total monthly rent (rent + management fee), but it is recommended because it expands the options. By the way, the GTN fee introduced earlier is at least 20,000 yen, and 30-100% of the rent will be charged as a guarantee fee.  GTN can also speak foreign languages.

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How was it. It is difficult for foreigners to find a house to live in Japan, but if you know the mechanism of occupancy screening, it will be easier than you think. “useJapan” also has an Online Community to solve your problems.  You can use it for free, so feel free to use it.
See you !

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