The COVID-19 vaccination status and reservation procedure in Japan

In Japan, it is now possible to inoculate the  COVID-19 vaccine developed by pharmaceutical companies in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Healthcare workers have been vaccinated since February of this year, but the day when we, the general public, can be vaccinated is approaching.
In this topic, I will tell you how to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Japan. If you have friends around you who are in trouble I would be grateful if you could share this topic.

Status of Japanese COVID-19 vaccine

Japanese vaccines have not yet been developed, but in Japan you can receive vaccines developed by US or UK pharmaceutical companies. As of May 31, 13 million Japanese people have been vaccinated.  
*Approximately 10% of the Japanese population

Vaccination schedule

Vaccination is led by the municipality.  We, the general public, will be able to get the vaccine as early as June. The vaccine needs to be given twice, but it may take up to October to finish the vaccination for most Japanese residents.

Complete Guide to Buying Japaneses Medicine in Japan

Inoculation target

  • Those who are registered as residents in Japan
  • 12 years old and over
    *Initially, the target age was 16 years old and over, but since the safety was confirmed, the target age was lowered from May 31st.
Complete Guide to Buying Japaneses Medicine in Japan

Inoculation appointment method (in the case of LINE)

An appointment is required for vaccination. An Appointment can be made by phone or over the internet (LINE or Web). 
*Some municipality do not have a LINE appointment form.  You can use the friend search function to check if an appointment form is available.

Make an appointment

Receive the vaccination ticket

Envelope colors and formats vary municipality.
The following items are enclosed.

  • Address cover page
  • Inoculation ticket (2 times)
  • Preliminary examination only ticket (2 times)
    ※This tickets are used when vaccination is not possible due to not good physical condition at the time of physical examination before vaccination.
  • Vaccination certificate (2 times)
  • Preliminary examination sheet
    ※Whether or not it is enclosed depends on the municipality.
     Please refer to the following for the pre-examination sheet for each language.
Vaccination appointment

The input form differs depending on the municipality, but please refer to the word and proceed with the input.

Select a new appointment
Select the first time or the second time
Enter the vaccination ticket number (10 digits)
Enter your date of birth
Select an inoculation site
Select the venue where you want to receive the inoculation
This part cannot translate, sorry.
Select a date

Select the desired date and time

Confirm → Select in the order of appointment

Please reserve and inoculate the second vaccination as soon as possible after 21 days after the first vaccination.

When you cannot make an appointment

If you cannot make a appointment, the screen below will be displayed. Press the menu button and rebook from the beginning.

Open the menu
Vaccination appointment
Please refer to “Make an appointment Step 3”

When canceling

Vaccination appointment
Reservation list


Pain, headache, and anaphylactic shock at the injection site have been reported. In addition, 20% of people who have been vaccinated have symptoms of high fever.

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