[Foreigners whose income is 7/10 or less] I will explain how to save National Health Insurance premiums.


Hello, this is Yohji.
In Japan, there is a social insurance system, which is a system that all registered residents in Japan must enter.  There are three types of insurance in this system, and many foreigners have one of them, “National Health Insurance”.  In this topic, I will explain the national health insurance premium reduction system and how to apply for a reduction for foreigners who have national health insurance and whose income has decreased (or is expected to decrease) due to the influence of the Covid-19.

How to check your social insurance

First of all, let’s check what kind of social insurance you have. Take a look at your health insurance card.  If it shows “国民健康保険”, you may be able to use this system.  I will tell you about other conditions later.

What is the national health insurance premium reduction system?

This is a system prepared by the municipality as an economic support measure for households affected by the Covid-19. If your application is accepted, the 2021 National Health Insurance premium will be reduced.  Premiums paid will not be refunded. Even Japanese people don’t know much about this system, so if your friends have reduced their income (and are likely to decrease) compared to last year, please share this topic.

Qualified person


There are some conditions for application. I will explain each of them.


National Health Insurance
* Not applicable to those who have welfare annuity insurance or health insurance of the company.


– 1

Compared to the amount of income in 2020 (January-December), the income in 2021 has decreased by more than 30%.  Or it is expected to decrease.
* Income amount is the amount of salary transferred after tax is deducted.

  • Example 1)
    If your income in 2020 is ¥ 5,000,000

    5,000,000 x 30% = 1,500,000 
    5,000,000-1,500,000 = 3,500,000

     You can apply if your expected income in 2021 is ¥ 3,500,000 or less.
  • Example 2)
    If your income in 2020 is less than ¥ 2,500,000

    2,500,000 x 30% = 750,000
    2,500,000 – 750,000 = 1,750,000

    You can apply if your expected income in 2021 is ¥ 1,750,000 or less.

– 2

Income in 2020 is 10 million yen or less

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How to apply

The application procedure will be done by mail only. Please enclose the following with your mail. ・ National Health Insurance premium reduction exemption application(国民健康保険料減免申請書 / こくみん けんこう ほけんりょう げんめん しんせいしょ)

  • A copy of insurance card
  • A copy of the 2021 pay slip or bankbook showing the payroll amount
    * A copy of all months confirmed by the time of application is required.
  • All pay slips for 2020 or withholding slips
    * If you do not have it, a copy of your bankbook that shows all the salary transfers for 2020.
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How to get and fill out the application form

The format of the application form differs depending on the municipality, but any municipality can download it on the Web.
Please search for “国民健康保険料減免申請書” + “●● (name of the municipality where you live)”. There should be a Japanese-style pdf on the web page of the municipality where you live in the search results, so download and print it. You can use this app to print the application form at FamilyMart.

If you don’t know how to fill out or where to submit your documents, feel free to ask questions in the Online Community “useJapan”.



Estimated reduction

The formula for calculating the reduced premium is a little complicated, so I will omit it, but I will give an estimate of the reduced premium in 2021 using last year’s income amount and last year’s premium as an example.

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The reduction of national health insurance premiums is a very welcome system for those who have lost their income.  However, since this system is not well known, many people may have paid a lot of insurance premiums without knowing it. If your income in 2021 is likely to be less than 7/10 compared to 2020, please use this system.

If you need help, feel free to contact the online Community “useJapan” at any time.  I look forward to.

See you !

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Hi! Thank you for this blog post. I wonder if I can still apply it even if I paid for the first month already? And I just want to clarify if, for example, my salary won’t possibly decrease in 2021, but my 2020 income was lesser than 2.5M, would I still be able to apply?

Yoji Yoshimaru

Thank you for your comment.
It applies even if you have already paid the premium for the first month.
You may also apply.

And the conditions of this system are as follows.
・ Those who have National Health Insurance
・ Those whose income has decreased due to the influence of Covid-19
・ Those whose income in 2021 is 7/10 or less compared to 2020
・ Those who have income of 2.5 million yen or less in 2020

I hope it answers your question.


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