Do you know? How to reduce mobile phone cost in Japan


Hello, this is Yohji. Do you think you have to speak Japanese to apply for a Japanese mobile phone?  And do you think that mobile phone charges are high? In this topic, I will explain how to apply online at a low mobile phone charge even if you do not speak Japanese !

Comparison of services of each company

First, let’s compare the service contents of major telecommunications companies that provide services in Japan.

If you compare it, you can see that ”ahamo” or UQmobile are a great deal. 
Anyway, “UQ mobile” is good for those who want to keep costs down, and “ahamo” is good for those who want to keep costs down but want to use a lot of data traffic.

Introduction of ahamo / UQ mobile

“ahamo” is a service name provided by the Japanese mobile phone company “docomo”.  It is a popular service for young people because of its low price and large amount of data traffic.So how do you apply for “ahamo”?

Conditions for applying for ahamo / UQ mobile

There is a remaining period of stay of 3 months or more

If you do not have a period of stay of 3 months or more, you cannot apply for use to any Japanese major mobile phone company.  In addition, although examination is required to use it, it is said that the longest possible period of stay is advantageous for examination.

Have a credit card and a bank account

Please read this article for how to open a bank account in Japan.

Open a bank account in Japan! I will explain the procedure.

When purchasing a device, all at once

Until around 2016, overseas mobile phones were not available in Japan, but now they are available. If you purchase a mobile device in Japan, I recommend that you pay the device price in full pay instead of installments so that you can easily pass the contract examination.

If you do not purchase a device (if you have a Japanese mobile phone)

  • Make it SIM-free
  • If you do not use MNP, your phone number will change.

Available models of ahamo and UQ mobile

There are only a limited number of models that can use “ahamo”, so make sure you have one that you can use before applying.


  • iPhone 12 Pro Max / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS Max / iPhone XS / iPhone XR / iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6 / iPhone SE (Generation 1 and 2)



  • arrows U / arrows M04 Premium / arrows M04 / arrows RX


  • Google Pixel 5G / Android One S5 / Google Pixel 4 / Google Pixel 4a / Google Pixel 3 / Google Pixel 3 XL / Google Pixel 3a
  • Android One S8 Android One S7 / Android One S6 / Android One S5 / Android One S4 / Android One S3 / Android One S2 /


  • HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro / HUAWEI Mate20 Pro / HUAWEI P20 / HUAWEI nova 3 / HUAWEI nova lite 3 / HUAWEI P30 lite / Huawei nova 5T




  • LG G8X ThinQ / LG K50 / LG V60 ThinQ 5G


  • OPPO Find X2 Pro OPG01 / OPPO Reno3 5G / OPPO Reno3 A/ OPPO A5 2020 / OPPO A73 / OPPO Reno A


  • Galaxy A20 SCV46 / Galaxy A30 SCV43 / Galaxy A41 SCV48 / Galaxy Fold SCV44 / Galaxy Note 9 / Galaxy Note10+ SCV45 / Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SCG06 / Galaxy S10 SCV41 / Galaxy S10+ SCV42 / Galaxy S20 5G SCG01 / Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SCG03 / Galaxy S20+ 5G SCG02 / Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+ / Galaxy Z Flip 5G SCG04 / Galaxy Z Flip SCV47 / GalaxyA51 5G SCG07 / Galaxy A20 / Galaxy A21 / Galaxy A30 / Galaxy A41


  • AQUOS R compact SHV41 / AQUOS R2 / AQUOS R3 SHV44 / AQUOS R5G SHG01 / AQUOS sense / AQUOS sense SHV40 / AQUOS sense2 / AQUOS sense2 かんたん SHV43 / AQUOS sense3 basic / AQUOS sense3 basic SHV48 / AQUOS sense3 plus サウンド SHV46 / AQUOS sense3 SHV45 / AQUOS sense4 Basic / AQUOS zero2 SHV47 / AQUOS zero5G basic DX SHG02


  • Xperia 1 II SOG01 / Xperia 1 SOV40 / Xperia 10 II SOV43 / Xperia 5 SOV41 / Xperia 8 SOV42 / Xperia XZ1 SOV36 / Xperia XZ3 / Xperia XZ2 / Xperia XZ1 / Xperia XZ2 Premium / Xperia5Ⅱ SOG02 / Xperia XZs / Xperia1 / Xperia5 / Xperia5Ⅱ

Most devices support it.

How to apply

Launch chrome

Please use Chrome instead of Safari etc. to use Google’s translation function.

Access “ahamo” with chrome
Access “UQ mobile” with chrome
Translate the website into English
Enter according to the content
Repeat steps 3-4 on each page
Application procedure completed !
Wait for the device or SIM to arrive
Perform line opening procedure at the device

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