Hello.  I’m Yoji, who runs this blog.
I am now 37 years old and lives in Tokyo.

I also wrote an article,
I want all foreigners working in Japan to be happy.  However, I learned that there are many foreigners who spend their time to be happy because of the difficulty of Japanese, the difference in customs, and the lack of casual consultation.

So, although it is a little power, I decided to start a blog and an Online Community “useJapan” that summarizes information that foreigners do not usually see.

I don’t speak much English, The English translation of this blog is also helped by my dear friend Filipino Sha-chan.
Thank you as always.

I will leave the help of learning Japanese to other Japanese people, so
In this blog, you can solve the problems of your life in Japan and use your time to make you happy. I will write useful articles.

In the Online Community “useJapan” , members exchange questions and information in English, Japanese and other, so please use that as well.

Introduction and usage of the online community “useJapan”

If you have any problems living in Japan Please feel free to contact me for anything. 
As a volunteer, everything is free! 

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